The above prices are for unlimited classes per month.

Our typical class is one hour. So, for example, our Combo I class would cost $45 per month. Our Pre-Dance class is only 45 minutes so it would cost $34 per month. If you enrolled in a ballet class and a jazz class that would be 2 hours per week which would make your tuition $85 per month.

Online registration is preferred but you are welcome to drop by the studio and enroll. 

PLEASE NOTE: Additional rehearsal and costume fees are required for Company Members. 
Recital Fees - Spring 2017
Recital Fee ~ $40 (family ~ $50)
Recital Costume Fee  ~ $40 to $60 (approximately)
Recital is optional for recreational dancers
Registration Fees
Registration Fee ~ $15 (family $20)
Summer only Registration Fee ~ $5
($2 per each additional child)
  • Payment is due on the 1st of each month
  • 5% online Autopay discount 
  • 10% family discount (not applicable to unlimited student discount)
  • 10% discount if paying for entire semester
  • Entering your credit card when you enroll your student for the first time doesn't ensure your payment, you must contact Ms. Christy at to sign up for auto-pay or to okay a one time payment.
Monthly Tuition - Fall 2016