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MGM Studio of the Dance 2016/17 Company Members

What is MGM Company?

Our company is a group of our most promising dancers who train at a higher level than our recreational dancers. They compete together at 3 to 4 dance competitions each spring and attend 1 to 2 dance intensives or conventions together during the school year.

How does a student become a member of the MGM Company?

Auditions for Company are held each year in the summer. Prospective members are taught as a group and then asked to perform combinations alone in ballet, tap and jazz. Two to five judges score all aspects of their performance and students are then placed on the team based on their skill, technique, demeanor, showmanship and willingness to incorporate corrections.

How do I know if my student will make the team?

Just like with any other audition or try-out, you don't know who will make the team. Students are invited to the team based on both their abilities and the needs of the team.

What can I do to increase the chances of my child being asked to join the Company?

Your child should attend all three types of dance class regularly and practice at home. In the summer, he or she should attend one or more dance intensives that MGM holds. We usually have one in June and one in July.

How much time will being a team member entail? 

Company Members are required (as a minimum) to take class in tap, jazz and ballet throughout the year (including summer). There are also many additional classes available that can enhance their learning and we encourage them, but are not required. Company Members also have a rehearsal time each week for any competition dances that they are in. This is usually 30-60 minutes per week (this may differ for Mini-Company Members). Company Members are expected to have excellent attendance and make-up any classes that they do need to miss.

In the fall, we will attend one or two dance conventions/intensives as a team. These are on a Saturday or Sunday and have recently been held at the downtown Hyatt.  The students are broken into rooms based on age and learn different styles of dance from assorted instructors for 6 to 8 hours. (You will have these dates well in advance).

In the spring, usually in March and April, we attend 3 to 4 competitions. These are held on a weekend. We usually attend two in Wichita and one out of town (most likely Oklahoma City, Tulsa or Kansas City, somewhere reasonably close). We can be scheduled to perform on either a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and sometimes on multiple days, depending on how the competition schedule is put together. MGM has no control over which days we will perform and we recommend blocking off the whole weekend on you calendar when you get the dates. We are never given the exact schedule until a week or two before the event.

Company Members are also required to participate in any additional performances (in 2015, we performed for the Harlem Globetrotters), our pictures in April and our May Recital.

How much does being a Company Member cost?

The exact figures can't be calculated until we have chosen the competitions and intensives for the season, but here is an example from 2014-2015.

Tuition is charged at the same rates for Company Members as non-Company Members. The three required classes a week would cost $125 per month (this may differ for Mini-Company Members). Company Members also pay a monthly rehearsal fee for their competition dance rehearsals. Last season, it was $25 for the first two dances and $5 for each additional dance.

In addition to tuition, there is also a Company member fee. This fee covers 2 competition costumes, competition fees, intensive fees, some company-wear and intensive fees. It does not include shoes, tights, earrings, makeup, company warm-ups etc. Last season, the fee for 2 dances was $200 in September, then $120 in October, November, December and January. If you and your child chose to be in more or fewer dances, this cost will change accordingly. In 2014/2015, the difference per dance was $42 per month.

In how many dances is a Company Member required to participate?

Your dancer is only required to be in one competition dance during any given season.

Before auditions, you will be asked for an approximate number of dances in which your student might be interested in participating. This does not mean that your student will be placed in that number, but it gives our judges an idea of what each student is hoping for, as they put together the offers.

What is the Mini-Company?

The Mini-Company is a new group that we are starting this year. It will be a small group of younger Company Members, approximately ages 4-6. They will have fewer requirements than the rest of the Company, but will be Company Members ans will have the opportunity to dance with the older members.

If you have any other questions, please stop by the MGM office. Ms. Christy or Jonathan will be happy to answer your questions about the MGM Company.

MGM Company Frequently Asked Questions

Students selected for our Dance Company study ballet and contemporary styles at an accelerated pace with numerous opportunities to perform in community and professional venues. Those invited to participate in our company program exemplify a high standard of technical advancement, artistic expression, maturity, and willingness to face challenges.